The Company Hydro Construct

Mission statement:

  • Hydro Construct serves best findings in hydro engineering with considerateness of environmental issues for rivers and boundary landscapes
  • We are delivering Rubber Dam Systems with highest quality and technological standards
  • Our skilled team is highly motivated to deliver best and safe solutions for every single project
  • Main objective is customer satisfaction
Rudolf Fritsch Dip. Eng. PhD

Long-time experience and up to date research are the basis of Hydro Construct’s leading role as a supplier of rubber dam technology in Europe. We are offering to our customers projekt development, supply and installation as an one-step solution.

In Hydro Construct’s scope is the design, supply and installation of a ready to operate rubber dam.

The project development is executed in collaboration with ZT-Fritsch GmbH – Steyr/Austria and Aquatis a.s. – Brno/CZ. The rubber dam membrane is produced by Rubena Nachod a.s./CZ which is one of the largest rubber products manufacturers in Europe.

Hydro Construct is an experienced international company with hydro engineering experts delivering all design services from concept the execution phase.

The Hydro Construct Team

Rudolf Fritsch Dip. Eng. PhD

Chartered Engineer C.Eng. Austrian Institution of Chartered Engineers. Registered and legally certified expert for Civil Constructions and Hydropower.

Educational background:

Vienna Technical University/ Construction Faculty, majoring in civil engineering and the built environment

Graz Technical University / PhD in the Institute for Hydro Engineering: Topic: Ejector effect on Vertical Kaplan Turbine with curved draft tube


Key responsibilities:

Technical and commercial business management formulation, design, conceptualisation, acquisition of hydro systems; customer advice

Paul Oberleitner Dip. Eng.

Chartered Engineer C.Eng. Austrian Institution of Chartered Engineers. Registered and legally certified expert for Civil Constructions, Tunnelling and Hydropower.

Educational background:

Higher Technical College for construction engineering ; Vienna Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering; Civil Engineer


Key responsibilities:

Project Management, project Planning, hydro-electric schemes and tunnel construction’

Werner Panhauser Cert. Eng.

Educational background:

Higher Technical High School for mechanical engineering, general management and economics; Mechanical Engineer


Key responsibilities:

Project management rubber dams, hydro-electric scheme engineer, acquisition support

Reinhardt Fritsch Dip. Eng. PhD

Educational background:

Johannes Kepler University Linz: Technical Physics, majoring in biophysics,  doctorate in the department of biophysics


Key responsibilities:

Electrotechnical processing, rubber dam control system, commissioning, special solutions

Jakub Vanek Cert. Eng.

Educational background:

Brno Technical University, Master’s degree in civil engineering


Key responsibilities:

Supervision of technical installations; assembly management

Julia Bauer

Educational background:

Steyr Business Academy, certificates in bookkeeping and accountancy


Key responsibilities:

PA to Chief Executive; Bookkeeping; Administration

Headquarters Hydro Construct

Hydro Construct India

Bharath G Reddy

General Manager

Ram Reddy

Managing Director