Rubber Dam Technology

Hydroconstruct’s specially developed rubber dam system, which can be either air inflated or water filled for optimum stability, has numerous applications, including reservoir control, irrigation, hydroelectric power generation and river and flood management. The Hydroconstruct rubber dam can achieve damming heights from 30 cm up to 4,50 m.

Depending on your preferred application, our rubber dams are supplied in einther straigt or curved versions. The membrane used for the rubber dams is highly elastic, resistant abrasion and corrosion, and withstands aging. The technical life expectancy of the rubber material is approximately 30 years. Our supplier Trelleborg Bohemia a.s. is one of the largest rubber products manufacturers in Europe and has been awarded a certificate of excellence in the production of membranes to quality standard ISO 9001 / EN 29001).

Special solutions

Hydroconstruct Rubber dams can also be produced in curved configuration.

For weir arrangements with oblique water flow, interference barriers for stabilization can be vulcanized onto the tube.

During winter the water inside the rubber dam is protected from freezing by pump assisted circulation. Similarly a cooling effect is produced in cases of high ambient temperature in tropical areas.