Main Advantages of Hydro Construct Rubber Dams

  • Flexible weir structure, allowing discharge of sediments, debris and ice
  • Fully automatic reservoir level control
  • Self-acting flood release; the automatic bucket drive lowers the weir without the need for external energy to power mechanical valve drives
  • Ideal for creating reservoirs in wide rivers; single spans of up to 100 m are feasible
  • Renovation and reconstruction of existiing weir structures, regardless of shape and geometric configuration, factory made as a single unit. On site this ready-made membrane just has to be secured in place by the clamping system
  • Absence of mechanical components eliminates corrosion risk
  • No lubricants needed – protects the environment
  • Low maintenance costs and low operating costs due to minimal energy requirements
  • More than 100 examples built since 1977
Rubber Dam Au, River Iller nearby Kempten / Germany