10 Jul

Casale Monferrato


At Hydroconstruct in Upper Austria we’re used to breaking our own records, especially when it comes to the dimensions of our flexible rubber dam weir solutions. The advantage of this system over conventional weirs lies in the use of very broad watercourses to regulate dam height. All this is accomplished without the need to constrict the natural outflow by building massive installations. As early as 2012, Hydroconstruct completed what was then the longest rubber dam in Albania, with a length of 265m and a height of 2.3m. In 2017 we built India’s biggest rubber dam in Uttar Pradesh with a length of 270m and a height of 3.2m. Rubber dams made in Upper Austria can be supplied in heights up to 4.5m. This weir height has already been field tested in Turkey and France and has now been installed in Casale Monferrato as a four-section weir. Each section measures 50m (200m in total), with a regulated weir height of 4.3m. All this adds up to a European record in terms of the dam’s surface area and volume. This has been possible due to the special manufacturing process employing a system of endless vulcanisation. Recently we’ve equipped our dams with a permanent height regulator, enabling exact fine tuning and control, even for large reservoirs.