Current Projects

24 Nov

Spathara Weir – Ashta

At the Drin river in northern Albania this rubber dam is used as a flexibel gate on top of the existing Spathara weir. This rubber dam, 250 m wide and 2.50m in height, is one of the largest in Europe. It is split into four weir fields two at a time are combined into two independently regulated systems.
24 Nov


In Casalgrasso near Turin an existing fixed weir has been replaced by a powerplant and a Hydrocontruct rubber dam. This is a two segment rubber dam design of 126.80m in width and 1.20m in heigth.
24 Nov


As part of a flood water protection system a rubber dam of 3.20m height and 25.00m width has been installed. This system is located at the water catchment of the KW Andelsbuch powerplant at the Bregenzer Ach river.